Daily Salt

Daily Salt

Scott Harrison founded daily salt on the 1st April, 2014. This was the first day he moved back to Newcastle from a number of years living in the middle of Sydney surrounded by concrete, working in an office and breathing in everything but clean air.

The moment he moved back to this great town where he grew up he was immediately inspired to reinvigorate the happiness he gets from photography with his love of the ocean, the beach and everything associated with the lifestyle surrounding it.

Salt air and salt water have countless benefits to the body and mind and whether you experience it through surfing, swimming, laying on the beach, walking along a coastal track, or any other way. He believes there is happiness, healthiness and peacefulness directly related to the time spent near or in the ocean. 

His daily salt starts at 5am every day where he will be found wandering around any one of Newcastle's world-class beaches taking photographs, jumping in the ocean, drinking a coffee and generally just being grateful to live in such an amazing place.

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